Recent Work

Corey Cantor // Wed, May 20

This 2007 piece holds up incredibly well and focuses on the history of U.S. investment as well as the challenges we face in the 21st century.

Corey Cantor // Mon, May 11

Instead of re-litigating old battles, Congress and our next president should embrace this opportunity to invest in the future of America’s energy economy.

Corey Cantor // Wed, April 8

Democrats have brought growth, smaller deficits and soaring stock markets.  Republicans - not so much. 

Simon Rosenberg // Thu, March 12

We are a endorsing this campaign, which is working to make 2-year and 4-year colleges free for students in all 50 states. 

Simon Rosenberg // Tue, February 24

The lessons of the health care reform fight point the way: years of battle, legal victories and defeats; but at the end, a better America with millions and millions having the chance to make an even more powerful contribution to their adopted home.

Corey Cantor // Wed, January 28

As we head into a Presidential cycle, the issue of how wrong the GOP has been on the ACA has to become a material part of the debate.

Simon Rosenberg // Wed, December 17

This new analysis takes a look at whether, due to how few Americans are able to cast a meaningful vote in a Federal elections our electoral system, is still capable of conveying the “consent of the governed” to those in power in Washington.

Simon Rosenberg // Fri, November 7

Republicans have made substantial gains in recent years, and are a much stronger national party.  Democrats have a lot of work to do to compete and win against a resurgent GOP.