Recent Work

Simon Rosenberg // Mon, November 23

The paper takes a detailed look at how FCC regulation in telecommunications can affect capital investment in the industry, with particular attention to the Internet and investments in infrastructure.

Chris Murphy // Thu, November 19

There are too few debates, too many are on weekends or holidays when viewership is much lower, and there aren’t enough close to when the most consequential voting will take place.

Simon Rosenberg // Mon, November 16

National polls trending towards the Dems, Paris will change the 2016 landscape.

Simon Rosenberg // Sat, November 14

A day after the Paris attacks, Simon offers thoughts on what the US should do next and worries about rising anti-immigrant sentiment on both sides of the Atlantic.

Simon Rosenberg // Tue, July 21

This week we will see a breathtaking level of cynicism from the national Republican Party on the issue of immigration enforcement. 

Simon Rosenberg // Thu, July 16

The study finds implementation of the Paul-Boxer bill would provide substantial revenues for future highway and infrastructure investment, boost GDP growth and potentially create large numbers of new U.S. jobs.

Simon Rosenberg // Wed, July 1

Polling gives Obama credit for the economy, which suggests the landscape in 2016 will be tough for the GOP.

Winograd and Hais // Wed, July 1

A reflection on the role of Millenials in a period of profound change.