Recent Work

Chris Murphy // Wed, September 20

In recent weeks Simon has been quoted in a series of stories about the future of the Democratic Party. Outlets include Bloomberg, Independent Journal Review, Reuters, SF Chronicle, The Atlantic and The New Republic. They are all interesting articles. Enjoy.  

Robert J. Shapiro // Thu, September 14

Rob looks at the GOP's three big - and not very good - choices on tax reform.  

Chris Murphy // Tue, September 12

Our friends at the the OSET Institute have published a new landmark new paper on protecting American elections from attack, "Critical Democracy Infrastructure."  A true must read for any one in this space.  

Simon Rosenberg // Mon, August 21

It is instructive that some of the most powerful opposition to Trump's agenda is coming from Arizona. He is right to be worried about it.  

Robert J. Shapiro // Mon, July 24

Rob highlights the the lack of Republican policies to continue Obama's expansion, and the potential consequences in the upcoming 2018 mid-terms.

Simon Rosenberg // Fri, April 14

The RNC helped Russia interfere in our elections. It should now take the lead in making sure it never happens again.

Chris Murphy // Mon, February 27

In a new memo NDN finds that over the past generation of American politics Democrats have been far better for the economy, deficits and incomes.  

Simon Rosenberg // Sat, November 5

The new AP story about Melania Trump proves she and her husband have been lying for years – on camera, in writing – about her immigration path into the United States.