Recent Work

Simon Rosenberg // Fri, May 29

The fall of FIFA will perhaps become a catalyst for a global conversation of whether we want a world guided by liberal values or ones far more medieval. 

Corey Cantor // Wed, May 20

This 2007 piece holds up incredibly well and focuses on the history of U.S. investment as well as the challenges we face in the 21st century.

Corey Cantor // Mon, May 11

Instead of re-litigating old battles, Congress and our next president should embrace this opportunity to invest in the future of America’s energy economy.

Corey Cantor // Mon, May 11

As Congress begins to look deeper into the future of the Internet, NDN has assembled some of its most important work on these matters over the past decade. 

Simon Rosenberg // Tue, May 5

While the GOP may be able to put a promising candidate on the ticket in 2016, the hole they've dug with Hispanic voters is very deep, and will be hard to dig out of next year.

Simon Rosenberg // Mon, May 4

On May 1st, along with Rep. Ron Kind, NDN was proud to host Deputy USTR Holleyman for an important, forward looking policy speech on the digital economy and trade. 

Corey Cantor // Wed, April 8

Democrats have brought growth, smaller deficits and soaring stock markets.  Republicans - not so much. 

Simon Rosenberg // Fri, November 7

Republicans have made substantial gains in recent years, and are a much stronger national party.  Democrats have a lot of work to do to compete and win against a resurgent GOP.