Recent Work

Simon Rosenberg // Fri, December 16

Fossil fuels are polluting our planet, and the wealth it brings breeds a pernicious authoritarian politics in countries across the world. Rather than seeing the politics of oil as a threat, Trump appears to becoming one of its greatest champions.  

Robert J. Shapiro // Thu, December 8

A review of the data suggests that a great deal of the inequality we've seen develop in the US economy has happened during GOP Presidents and their far less people oriented policies.  

Robert J. Shapiro // Tue, November 15

In his latest piece, Rob looks at how Hillary’s strategists overlooked a decade of falling incomes for a majority of Americans and ignored the broader economic message to chase the Obama coalition.  

Simon Rosenberg // Sat, November 5

The new AP story about Melania Trump proves she and her husband have been lying for years – on camera, in writing – about her immigration path into the United States.

Simon Rosenberg // Fri, November 4

One of the more dramatic and potentially disruptive demographic developments in recent American politics has been the explosion of Millennials into the American electorate.

Chris Murphy // Wed, September 28

Our new report, full of fresh data and compelling graphs, suggests that America is in fact better off and safer today than when Barack Obama came to office in 2009.  

Chris Murphy // Fri, September 2

A plan to protect our elections systems from disruption, foreign or domestic.

Simon Rosenberg // Thu, April 28

In a note to the NDN community, Simon discusses his long history in working for a better politics, and lays out a three part agenda which will guide our in the months ahead.