Recent Work

Chris Murphy // Mon, February 8

In order to inform the ongoing debate about debates, NDN has put together a memo looking at the performance of Dem and GOP debates in both 2016 and 2008.  Now includes new data given the DNC's sanctioning of 4 additional debates.

Chris Murphy // Tue, February 9

There are too few debates, too many are on weekends or holidays when viewership is much lower, and there aren’t enough close to when the most consequential voting will take place.

Simon Rosenberg // Sat, December 19

Some thoughts on what we need to learn from this unfortunate dustup, and some suggestions on what the DNC should do next.

Chris Murphy // Mon, December 7

Simon was a guest on Matt Lewis's (author of "Too Dumb to Fail") podcast recently.  They had a long and spirited discussion about the generation long efforts to modern the center-left, and what conservatives can learn from their successes, and failures. 

Simon Rosenberg // Mon, November 23

The paper takes a detailed look at how FCC regulation in telecommunications can affect capital investment in the industry, with particular attention to the Internet and investments in infrastructure.

Robert J. Shapiro // Mon, October 26

For the first time since the 1990s and 1980s, household incomes rose substantially in 2014, and did so across all demographic groups. 

Simon Rosenberg // Tue, July 21

This week we will see a breathtaking level of cynicism from the national Republican Party on the issue of immigration enforcement. 

Corey Cantor // Mon, May 11

As Congress begins to look deeper into the future of the Internet, NDN has assembled some of its most important work on these matters over the past decade.