Andres Ramirez

Senior Staff: Senior Vice President

Andres Ramirez has an extensive political background, and has worked on several local, state and national campaigns for the past 14 years. In the 2008 Presidential election cycle, Andres accepted a position as the Caucus Outreach Director for the Nevada State Democratic Party where he was responsible for helping implement the 2008 Nevada Democratic Presidential Caucuses, and creating a plan for engaging and mobilizing Latinos in the Caucus. His efforts were documented by national and international media, and were the focus of case study published by Tova Wang from the national think tank The Century Foundation.

Currently, Andres serves as the Senior Vice President of NDN where he is tasked with overseeing all of NDN's programmatic activities concerning Hispanics, including advocacy of comprehensive immigration reform, Latin America policies, Demographics and Research, and Hispanic Electoral participation. In addition, Andres serves as the Vice Chair of the DNC Hispanic Caucus where he is tasked with helping the DNC develop and implement its Hispanic engagement strategy.

In addition to his political experience, Andres also has a substantial background in legislative affairs and public policy. Andres has served on numerous local and county boards setting public policy, and began his career in Washington, DC as a legislative aide to US Senator Harry Reid. After his role in the US Senate, Andres Ramirez joined the Washington office of Nevada Governor Bob Miller where he served as the Deputy Director and was responsible for helping to push the state's legislative agenda in Congress. Andres later joined US Strategies Corporation as a Legislative Affairs Specialist, and was tasked with handling, energy, environment, education, technology, gaming and healthcare issues.

Andres also dedicates much of his time volunteering for non-profits and community service organizations. Andres Ramirez has resided in Southern Nevada for over 17 years, and currently resides in North Las Vegas with his wife and daughter.