GOP Brand Continues To Suffer Among Hispanics

Las Vegas, NV - I recently posted about the Census data that shows huge opportunities for millions of new Hispanics to register to vote before the next presidential.  You can read the post here.  It has been very clear that over the past couple of election cycles the GOP brand has been severely tarnished among Hispanic voters.  This is an issue that we discuss in detail in our report Hispanics Rising

The most recent poll by Research 2000 shows that the Republican Party is viewed favorably by just 8% of Hispanic voters.  Yes that is correct 8%, and to further complicate the situation for Republicans another Hispanic elected official has quit the party.  Ivan Marte who is the Chairman of the Rhose Island Republican Assembly quit the party as a result of US Representative Joe Wilson's infamous outburst duirng President Obama's address on healthcare reform to a joint session of Congress.  We know that Representative Wilson's outburst was as much as an attack on Hispanics as it was on President Obama. 

According to Research 2000, the Republican Party began the year with 20% favorability among Hispanic voters.  During the past year, Republican leaders have sought to demonize Hispanic immigrants in the Economic Stimulus debate and the Healthcare debate, and they attacked Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor for being too Hispanic.  Which brings us to the current 8%.  So has the Republican Party decided to abandon any efforts to pursue support among the Hispanic electorate, or have they just forgotten how to do that?  The next election is slightly more than a year away, and I guess we will find out very soon.