State Legislators Set To Unveil Plan to Deny Children Of Immigrants Birthright Citizenship

Tomorrow, a handful of GOP state legislators will be here in Washington D.C. at the National Press club to announce plans to initiate state laws which will prevent children of immigrants from being given birthright citizenship.

Originally none other than SB1070 mastermind Russell Pierce was meant to be a part of the event, but it was disclosed earlier today he will not be in attendance.

According to the Associated Press, which cites a press release he put out, he is staying behind to attend to the state budget meetings.

However a who's who of state legislators and constitutional scholars who are interested in revoking birthright citizenship will still be there:

1. State Legislators for Legal Immigration Founder and Pennsylvania State Representative Daryl Metcalfe: he is currently set to unveil a similar Arizona style anti immigration law in Pennsylvania.

2. Immigration Reform Law Institute Executive Director Mike Hethmon:  Works in the same Anti-Immigrant organization as one Kris Kobach (more on him below) and according to the website for the Immigration Reform Law Institute" specializes in the representation of the interests of United States citizens in immigration-related cases. He has published commentary and analysis on a wide range of immigration-related legal issues."

3. Constitutional Scholar Dr. John Eastman: Chapman Unversity Law, Faculty

3. Donald P. Kennedy: Chair in Law and Former Dean of the Chapman University School of Law

4. Kris Kobach, professor of law at University of Missouri-Kansas City and Secretary of State-elect for the State of Kansas: One of the original intellectual writers of SB1070.

Many of those speaking at the event have been tight lipped about exactly what they plan to unveil tomorrow. NDN will be there and will provide analysis of whatever their plan may be.