WSJ Executives Endorse E 2.0, Broad Coalition Pushes for Wind Tax Credit, USA Today feature on Stimulus Success Stories

The Wall Street Journal convened a group of 100 chief executives to discuss policy choices facing business and government.  This discussion culminated in  5 top priorities for businss and government.  #4 on that list was was a broad based, national efforts to rebuild the infrastructure of the electricity distribution grid

USA Today piece on the analysis of the federal governments stimulus' investment record shows that  smart grid and energy efficiency companies that got federal help have seen their stocks soar, as have next-generation vehicles and health care technology companies. The big exception: Solar-power companies and advanced-battery manufacturers, which have struggled mightily.

A broad, nonpartisan coalition of 369 members, including manufacturing, farm and business interests, today issued a letter endorsing a four year extension to wind energy’s key federal tax incentive, the Production Tax Credit