Next Economy Notes - Obama Goes On Offense

The Obama campaign launches a new ad focused on the economy.

New polling shows a close split on the economy between the President and Gov. Romney.

A Quinnipiac poll illustrates how this plays out in states.

A new graphic shows employment is officially higher now compared to the President's inauguration.

Gas prices have continued their downward slide. According to AAA, gasoline prices are down 15 cents, or -3.8% over the last month. Over the last year, prices have dropped -5.0%.

Another small business job creation effort in the vein of Create Jobs for USA, this time from Living Social.

Some more cringe-inducing evidence in the Lehman Brothers post mortem.

How will the recent elections in Europe effect the global economy? The Greek election appears to have created more questions than answers. My colleague Brad has a great write up of the overall scenario here.