Romney Hypocrisy on Solyndra, Washington Post For Carbon Tax but Opposed to PTC

Walking on thin ice ….the Massachusetts solar company to which Mitt Romney personally delivered a $1.5 million loan when he was governor has gone belly up, leaving him vulnerable to the same 'picking winners and losers' charges that he's been saying about President Obama over Solyndra.  Lowell-based Konarka Technologies, which announced Friday it had filed for bankruptcy protection with plans to lay off more than 80 workers was the firm that Governor Romney gaive 1.5 milltion. Only last week Romney made an unannounced visit to Solyndra's  headquarters in California, where he accused the Obama administration of a conflict of interest and poor judgment in approving Solyndra's $535 million DOE loan guarantee.  Can this make the Republican mantra of 'Solyndara Solyndra Solyndra' go away?  Probably not.    

The Washington Post recent editorial on Production Tax Credits (PTC) said that a carbon tax would be a better answer than a renewal of the PTC.  They state that "More clean energy is good. Achieving it with crude policy is not. Maybe wind power really is the future, or maybe it’s not. There are policies designed to allow consumers and utilities to decide, instead of Congress, and the best among them is a carbon tax."   Bottom line is green energy is good, but be fair and open about the process.