McLarty and Cunningham: "A bipartisan solution to the ‘fiscal cliff’"

On Friday, NDN Latin America Policy Initiative Chair Nelson Cunningham featured in the Washington Post as co-author of an article on the fiscal cliff.

"Obama pledged Tuesday night to reach out to Romney in the weeks ahead. That time is now. He should pick up the phone and ask Romney to set aside the rhetoric and cramped positions of the campaign season — but the president should first show he’s serious by promising full support for meaningful entitlement reform...Romney should show the American people that the business leader who could reach across the aisle in a blue state can craft a plan that will stimulate jobs today while balancing the budget tomorrow, even with new revenue that may enrage the right...No one understands the challenge before them better than Clinton. He balanced the budget before. He can do so again...These times demand big ideas. Neither Obama nor Clinton nor Romney will ever face the voters again. They can afford to take risks and anger their own constituencies. It is time to put their enormous political capital to work for the good of the country."