NDN 2012 Election Analysis: Making Sense of the 2012 Election and What Comes Next

Wed, November 8th - A collection of NDN resources on the historic 2012 election:

Simon's 2012 Post Election Briefing (Video) - ICYMI, Simon hosted a lively 2012 Election Briefing/Chat earlier today via Spreecast. If you have the time it is full of great information and terrific questions.  Simon's presentation is about 20 minutes long, and he then takes another 25 minutes of questions.  To watch the recording, please click here.

Additional articles from Simon - As background, please find some of Simon's most influential essays over the past few years, including yesterday's memo which correctly predicted that President Obama would win with 332 electoral votes:

Election Day 2012 Memo: Why Voters Are Not Voting for the Status Quo, The Consent of the Governed and More, NDN.org. November 5, 2012.  Simon offers his thoughts on what will happen in the 2012 elections, and what might come next.  Includes his predictions for the outcomes of the Presidential, Senate and House races. 

Forward, or Backward?, Letras Libres. October 12, 2012. A long-form magazine article which argues that the problems the Republican Party is facing today stem from its inability to accept and adapt to the big changes in the world and the US over the past generation. 

Race Will Be A Major Issue for Mitt Romney, US News and World Report.  Jan, 2012.  In this essay Simon argued that Mitt Romney's reactionary positions on race and immigration would be a major problem for him in the fall elections. 

The Age of Possibility (video), NDN.org. April 29, 2011.  Video of a "TED" style talk given by Simon at Tufts University which makes the case that the 21st century is full of more possibility for humankind than any century in our history. 

Crafting An American Response to the Rise of the Rest, Salon. January 20, 2010.  In this big-picture look forward, Simon lays out what he believes should be the three major governing objectives of the American center-left in this next decade of the 21st century.  

On Obama, Race, and the End of the Southern Strategy, NDN.org. January 4, 2008.  Simon's reflections on the night of the Iowa Caucuses about the rise of Barack Obama and the emergence of a new Electoral College map and a possible new majority coalition for the Democratic Party.  

The 50 Year Strategy: A New Progressive Era (No, Really!), Mother Jones. November/December 2007.  The seminal long-form article by Simon and Peter Leyden which made the case that big changes in demography, media and technology and in the issues in front of the American people was opening a new and promising political age for the American center-left. 

Articles from Mike and Morley - Please find relevant work from NDN Fellows and experts on generational politics Mike Hais and Morley Winograd:

2012: Another Generational Triumph, NDN.org. November 8, 2012.

GOP Hispanic Political Malpractice, NDN.org. October 29, 2012.

Opinion: Women, Minorities, Millenials Will Determine America's Next Civic Ethos, National Journal. October 19, 2012.

Opinion: Leaders Need New Civic Ethos to Appeal to Shifting Demographics, National Journal. September 6, 2012.

Press Appearances On The New Coalition, New Electorate - Our team has been doing a lot of press these last few days. 

Mike and Morley weighed in for Ron Brownstein's terrifc National Journal piece, and a Matt Bai essay in the New York Times. Also see their recent op-ed in the Huffington Post, titled "Another Millenial Triumph."

Simon appeared in a San Francisco Chronicle piece by Carla Marinucci, Jim McTague's article in Barron's on the fiscal cliff, Susan Page's USA Today election summary and look ahead to the next term, articles in the Washington Post by Ezra Klein here and here, and this piece by Peter Wallsten, also of the Washington Post.  

Simon also appeared on BBC Radio's World at One, BBC News 24, Fox Business Network's Varney & Co. and Fox's "America Live with Megyn Kelly".  He appeared on London's Channel 4 News and Fox's Happening Now earlier this week. 

Update: Simon won The Hill's Election Prediction Contest for the second time in the last three elections for his prediction of 332 EVs, 51-48, 53 in the Senate, 200 in the House.