Daily Border Bulletin- Politico: New ‘Gang of 8’ on Immigration, ProPublica: Illegal Immigration’s Shifting Frontier, and more

Daily Border Bulletin is up! Today's stories include:

Politico: New ‘Gang of Eight’ on immigration- Make way for a new Gang of Eight. An octet of senators has begun to meet to discuss immigration reform, multiple sources told POLITICO.

ProPublica: Illegal immigration’s shifting frontier- Last week, ProPublica published an article that explores the shifting border of illegal immigration. Although Mexicans remain the largest group, U.S.-bound migrants today are increasingly likely to be young Central Americans fleeing violence as well as poverty, or migrants from remote locales such as India and Africa who pay top smuggling fees.

Politico: 5 Republicans who matter on immigration- They lack the stature of the Big Three Republicans in the immigration reform debate: Marco Rubio, John McCain and Lindsey Graham. But just below that senatorial trio, there’s another group of lesser-known GOP lawmakers expected to play an outsize role — both within the party and negotiating with Democrats — as Congress delves into an issue that could consume much of its bandwidth next year.