Daily Border Bulletin- Pro-Immigration Conservatives Plan Strategy, Romney Campaign Manager Regrets Immigration Stance, and more

Daily Border Bulletin is up! Today's stories include:

Peter Wallsten: Pro-immigration conservative activists plan strategy- On Tuesday, more than 250 activists plan to come to Washington for a debut of sorts, hosting a news conference and strategy session before heading to Capitol Hill for meetings with key lawmakers.

Romney campaign manager regrets immigration stance- Mitt Romney and his team are not eager to dwell on regrets. But his campaign manager now says that the forceful posture taken against immigration in the Republican primary inflicted lingering damage with Latino voters in the general election.

Hispanic megadonors unite, focus on CIR- President Barack Obama won reelection with overwhelming support from Hispanics — and now Latino megadonors aligned with the White House are trying to mobilize that community behind his second-term agenda.