MENA Chat Webcast – Reforming Aid To Egypt

In this latest MENA Chat webcast, Bradley Bosserman explores the strategy and challenges that underlie U.S. democracy assistance in the Middle East. He is joined by Dr. Sarah Bush, whose recent research provides important insights on possible reforms. Rebecca Abou-Chedid is also featured.  Drawing on her experience in Cairo she discusses some of the ways these dynamics play out in Egypt. Follow this link to view the webcast.

As background — Secretary Kerry, following his first Middle East trip at the helm of the  State Department, approved the release of $250 million in aid to the young Egyptian government. While Egypt’s economy remains on the brink and in desperate need of foreign assistance, the move is not without controversy. Republican Senator Marco Rubio last week proposed legislation that would place new conditions on further aid disbursement, while some activists remain critical of funding the government without assurances that they are committed to making real progress toward more democratic institutions and protecting key political and civil rights.

Dr. Sarah Bush is an expert on foreign aid strategy and Assistant Professor of Political Science at Temple University. She recently published “Confront or Conform? Rethinking U.S. Democracy Assistance” for the Project on Middle East Democracy (POMED).

Rebecca Abou-Chedid is a Fellow at the Truman National Security Project, Co-Chair of the Board for Just Vision, and former National Political Director for the Arab American Institute.

And on Thursday, March 28 at Noon – Join Bradley Bosserman as he walks through a previously unpublished briefing deck he's been presenting to members of Congress and Hill staffers over the last couple weeks. "MENA Engagement Briefing – A Real Opportunity to Lead"  will highlight the latest market research and detail political opportunities and framing mechanics that can successfully support a strategy of broader economic engagement with the Middle East and North Africa.