AP Story Confirms Melania Lied, Broke Immigration Laws

The new AP story about Melania Trump proves she and her husband have been lying for years – on camera, in writing – about her immigration path into the United States, and whether she followed the law.  The story she been telling is a fable, an imaginary tale as false as the words she spoke at the Republican Convention. 

For those interested in pursuing this story further, several questions remain:

Work visas – Trumpworld has never produced or proven she ever had a work visa prior to her getting her green card in 2001.  Her on camera descriptions of her returning to her home country to get her visa stamped every few months does not describe any work visa offered by the US government.   It was, and remains, common for models to work illegally in the country for years as now know Melania did.  Not only did Melania clearly break immigration laws and lie about it, but if she lied about it on her green card application and naturalization documents she potentially committed felony level crimes – serious stuff.

Green Card – Questions remain about her green card.  A Trump family lawyer said in an on the record interview with Univision that she received her green card through marriage – which of course would be news.   In the recent letter from her lawyer – which we know now contained falsehoods – she claimed to have received an “extraordinary ability” green card.  Few experts believe this is possible given that she was never a terribly successful model.   It remains my opinion that until we see her actual green card and application – she could release it and her work visas tomorrow – we should assume she received her green card through marriage.   It is the only option that makes sense. 

Lying – Remember that the questions about her immigration path began when the campaign admitted that she had lied for years about having a dual college degree from a college in her home country, and had in fact gone to college for a year or less.   The reason that lying in this case and in the new stories from the AP matter is that if she lied on her green card and citizenship applications she will have committed multiple cases of fraud against the United States government.   These are felony level crimes – serious crimes – and if ever fully investigated and prosecuted could lead to the stripping of her citizenship.   The AP story also raises new questions about whether Mrs. Trump also committed tax fraud, a new area requiring exploration in coming days.  

It should be noted that being in the United States without authorization – undocumented/illegal – is not a federal crime in the United States.  So this means what Melania has done is far worse in the eyes of the law than anything a run of the mill undocumented immigrant has done.   It is almost certain now that Melania scammed her way into becoming an American citizen.

The Bottom Line – For months the story that has been told about Melania’s path into the United States never really added up.  We also now know that the letter her lawyer produced to try to put this thing to bed, which seemed far-fetched and almost ridiculous at the time, cannot any longer be taken seriously.   Melania Trump broke American immigration laws.   She worked illegally in the United States.  She has lied about it for years, as has her husband.  And until she produces her works visas and green card, and their applications, we should assume she has also committed serious felony level crimes against the United States.