Invite: Thur, Aug 24 - Webinar On Patriotism, Optimism and American Greatness

Please join us for a new presentation I'm road-testing called "On Patriotism, Optimism, and American Greatness - and the need to reject the poisonous pessimism gripping our politics today." The presentation, a lively talk with filled with nerdy charts and graphs, will attempt to make the case that America is not in decline and is in fact doing as well as it has in any point in our history. It is meant to be an implicit rebuttal to the core argument Trump is making about America and its decline, an argument which is malevolently selling America and its people short every day.

You can join us for this new presentation at the following times:

Thursday, June 15th, 11am - noon EST (thanks for joining everyone!)

Wednesday, June 21st, 3pm - 4pm EST(thanks for joining everyone!)

Thursday, June 29th, 11am - noon EST (thanks for joining everyone!)

Friday, July 14th, 11am - noon EST (thanks for joining everyone!)

Wednesday, July 19th, 3pm - 4pm EST (thanks for joining everyone!)

Thursday, July 27th, 11am - noon EST (thanks for joining everyone!)

Tuesday, August 1st, 11am - noon EST (thanks for joining everyone!)

Thursday, August 24th, 3pm - 4pm EST

Use this registration page to reserve your spot and gain instructions for how to participate.

The presentation is an outgrowth of an article I published recently on Medium. Be sure to read it even if you can’t make one of the presentations. For additional writings related to this topic visit this new page we've set up.  It includes my talk at Tufts from a few years back called "The Age of Possibility."  This talk was perhaps the great great grandfather of this current one and still well worth watching. 

And we only have so many spots for each presentation – so sign up early and get your spot. Not sure how many will join but would love you to give me an hour of your time. 20-30 minutes will be feedback/conversation so take notes and join us. It is going to be worth your time – we promise!