Readings for Simon's Webinar/Presentation on Patriotism, Optimism, America

We've developed a big picture webinar/presentation on patriotism, optimism and America. It is designed to be a rebuttal to President Trump's poisonous pessimism, and his false argument that this great country is in decline. We will be showing it weekly through this summer as it moves from beta to formal release this fall. The next showing is Thursday, September 28th at 12pm (EST) and we would love you to be a part of it, and offer your feedback to help make it better.

To learn more, see the schedule for future showings and to register go here. It will be worth your time – we promise!  Below we've put together some of our work over the years that will provide more context and background for the presentation.  We hope you find them helpful.

The Column That Led to the Presentation/Webinar

The Case for Optimism: Rejecting Trump's Poisonous Pessimism, Simon Rosenberg, Medium, 6/2/17. In an essay that original was published on Medium, Simon argues that the great rationale of Trump's Presidency - that America is in decline - simply isn't true, and must be challenged more forcefully.  This is the piece that spurred the creation of the presentation. 

Recent Related Readings/Studies/Columns

In A New Global Age, Democrats Have Been Far Better for the US Economy, Deficits, and Incomes, Simon Rosenberg and Chris Murphy,, 2/27/17. In a new memo NDN finds that over the past generation of American politics Democrats have been far better for the economy, deficits and incomes.   Some of the most important graphs of the presentation come this from this study. 

Chin Up, Democrats, Simon Rosenberg, US News and World Report, 1/20/17. In his column Simon argues that Democrats should have pride in their historic accomplishments and optimism about the future of their politics.  This one is very relevant to the presentation itself. 

Rediscovering the Democrats' North Star, Simon Rosenberg, US News & World Report, 12/9/16. In his column Simon offers some thoughts on the path forward.

Older Pieces/Studies/Analyses/Presentations

An Enduring Legacy: The Democratic Party and Free and Open Trade, Simon Rosenberg,, 1/21/14. The global system created by Presidents FDR and Truman has done more to create opportunity, reduce poverty and advance democracy than perhaps any other policies in history.

Leaving The Reagan Era Behind - Why Political Reform Matters for the Center-Left, Simon Rosenberg,, 12/15/12, Some thoughts about the post-Sandy Hook shooting political environment, and the hard, tough struggles ahead necessary to usher in a new and better age of politics.

Forward, Or Backward? Simon Rosenberg, Letras Libres, 10/7/12. It is almost as if the more the world moves away from the simplicity of the Reagan moment the more angry and defiant – and of course wrong – the Republican offering is becoming.

2012 Person of the Year: Barack Obama, the President, Michael Scherer, TIME, 12/19/12.

The Age of Possibilty, Simon Rosenberg, Tufts University, 4/29/11. Video of a "TED" style talk given by Simon at Tufts University which makes the case that the 21st century is full of more possibility for humankind than any century in our history.

The 50 Year Strategy: A New Progressive Era (No, Really!), Simon Rosenberg and Peter Leyden, November/December 2007, Mother Jones. The seminal long-form article by Simon and Peter Leyden which made the case that big changes in demography, media and technology and in the issues in front of the American people was opening a new and promising political age for the American center-left.