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Dingell questions Obama's logic in Detroit

Rep. John Dingell questioned the logic of Senator Barack Obama's energy plan, specifically on his stance that federal fuel economy regulations have an effect on America's dependance on foreign oil. Dingell said:

“I will observe I admire Sen. Obama and his desire to focus on solutions,” Mr. Dingell said. “But — with all due respect, as the Sopranos would say — I would not travel to Chicago for the purposes of teaching people how to butcher hogs.”

Mr. Dingell said he supported Mr. Obama’s suggestion that the federal government help domestic car makers with soaring health-care costs. But in a news conference following his speech, the congressman said Mr. Obama’s suggestion that such aid be tied to improved fuel efficiency is “erroneous” and “wrong.”

"Nebraska boy" Hagel an independent candidate?

This past Sunday on Face the Nation, Senator Chuck Hagel had some eye-opening words for the Republican Party:

"I am not happy with the Republican Party today," Hagel said. "It's been hijacked by a group of single-minded almost isolationists, insulationists, power-projectors."

Hagel's diatribe on the Republican Party shifted tone later in the interview when he emphasized his support for an independent candidate, specifically NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Could we be witnessing the formation of Hagel-Bloomberg ticket? Check out the video of the interview below.

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Karl Rove and the USAT Scandal

Don's miss the WAPO article, but it boils down to this - if you didn't disenfranchise voters aggressively enough for Karl Rove's taste, your job was in jeopardy.

A New Approach to Iran

The WAPO details a turn towards engagement with Iran by the Bush Administration:

The White House confirmed yesterday that the U.S. ambassador in Baghdad is likely to meet in the next several weeks with Iranian officials about stabilizing Iraq, as the administration embraces a tactic outsiders have long recommended as essential to reducing sectarian violence in Iraq.

A White House spokesman said that Ambassador Ryan C. Crocker will meet with Iranian counterparts in Baghdad to prod Tehran to play a "productive role in Iraq." The confirmation came after the official Iranian news agency disclosed that the two sides had agreed to meet in Baghdad. U.S. officials said the meeting could occur as early as next week.

"The president authorized this channel because we must take every step possible to stabilize Iraq and reduce the risk to our troops, even as our military continue to act against hostile Iranian-backed activity in Iraq," said Gordon D. Johndroe, the spokesman for the National Security Council.

New Tools Campaign on MyDD.com

The media firm Macwilliams, Kirchner and Sanders is blogging this week on MyDD about cable and politics, and we're prominently mentioned.  If you haven't seen it before, make sure to check out the Buy Cable paper, part of the New Politics Institute's New Tools series.

Read the MyDD post here...

Text Hillary!

Want to stay in touch with Hillary Clinton's campaign? If you've got a cell phone, you can do so via text messaging. In a press statement, Clinton described the technology, which our New Politics Institute has discussed many times, as a way to "engage voters in the political process using the latest technology." She continued: "This is an exciting step forward that I hope will continue our conversation with voters in a new format."

She described the new initiative in a statement after receiving the endorsement of NY Governor Eliot Spitzer. Watch it courtesy of CNN here.

Unrelated, yet interesting Hillary news: J.B. Pritzker became the national chairman of Citizens for Hillary, "a new campaign initiative that will be charged with grass-roots outreach, fundraising and policy matters." His sister is Penny Pritzker, the national finance chairwoman for Barack Obama. More from the Chicago Tribune here.

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Next Vote Vets ad: Major General Eaton

The new VoteVets ad is up. The second in a three-ad series, it features Major General Paul Eaton urging Congress to listen to Commanders on the ground in Iraq. For the first, click here.

UPDATE: As if "Ambassador to the World" wasn't cool enough

A quick update from a very recent post: Bill Clinton just sent out an e-mail further detailing his support for his wife in the form of a 5-minute video. Both the e-mail and video are below:

Dear Travis,

Want to know why I think Hillary is the best choice for president? Then watch this:


Bill Clinton

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Rudy's lucrative private sector work

The Washington Post takes an in-depth look at the private sector work of Rudy Giuliani. In it, the Post shows how Giuliani used his name to quadruple his business, while sometimes bringing controversial figures on board.

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As if "Ambassador to the World" wasn't cool enough

The New York Times offers another look at the role President Clinton is taking in his wife's campaign for president. From the lede:

Bill Clinton’s connections, and his endless supply of chits, only begin to capture his singular role in his wife’s presidential candidacy, advisers and friends of the couple say. He is the master strategist behind the scenes; the consigliere to the head of “the family,” as some Clinton aides refer to her operation; and a fund-raising machine who is steadily pulling in $100,000 or more at receptions.

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