Family Planning Removed from Stimulus Bill

House Democrats removed the provision from the stimulus bill that would expand access to affordable family planning services.  The Medicaid Family Planning State Option would have exempted states from the need to get waivers to cover family planning under Medicaid.  Meaning this would allow states to do what they already do while taking some of the pressure off the states and making the government more efficient. 

Caving to the Republicans on this issue will not only cause a burden to the states, but will mean suffering for low-income and women of color who can no longer access reproductive and comprehensive health care services.  

Republicans are up in arms over Obama making family planning a stimulus issue, despite the fact that it would save the states large sums of money and provide health benefits to millions of women.  Leading the misogynist way is Chris Matthews of Hardball, who has equated providing women with easier access to contraceptives and family planning to Red Communist China!




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