NDN Programs

21st Century America Project

The 21st Century America Project is dedicated to demographic and public opinion research that for years has served as an invaluable resource in helping our leaders and policymakers understand America’s changing demographics.

21st Century Border Initiative

The 21st Century Border Initiative is a declaration between the United States and Mexico pledging to strengthen cooperation,economic competitiveness and cooperation along our shared border. NDN is proud to help envision a more harmonious system of management in this important region.

Clean Energy Initiative

The NDN’s Clean Energy Initiative works to develop a legislative, regulatory and advocacy framework to address climate change, enhance energy security, transition to a low-carbon economy, and accelerate the development of clean technologies and infrastructure.

Fixing Our Broken Immigration System

Immigration is not going away as an issue. From observing the Presidential campaign in 2008 and watching the news every evening, it is clear America will be debating this issue intensely in 2009.

Global Mobile

The Global Mobile Technology Initiative is a joint program of NDN and the New Policy Institute dedicated to better understand how the global information and communications network is changing societies and improving lives around the world.

Globalization Initiative

The Globalization Initiative was established to promote economic growth and restore broad-based prosperity in our globalized economy, with a focus on modernizing economic policy, investing in workers and students, and accelerating innovation.

Latin America Policy Initiative

The Latin America Policy Initiative is inter-American policy program dedicated to focusing on issues affecting countries in Latin America and improving inter-American dialogue.

New Politics

Over the years, NDN has been among the leading analysts of American politics, arguing that new tools and technology, shifting demography, and 21st century governing challenges are creating a new politics in America.