Ted Kennedy

A Tribute to the Lion of the Senate

America lost a great leader last night, as Senator Ted Kennedy died after a battle with brain cancer. His leadership on immigration reform, on national service, on health care, and on so many other issues will be missed, but his legacy will live on, and echoes of his powerful voice will boom through the halls of congress for years to come.

Tributes to Teddy have poured in from across the country and around the world:

- Obituaries from The Boston Globe, the New York Times, CQ, Time, and Politico.

- Columns from Harold Meyerson at TAP, Ezra Klein at WaPo, Marc Ambinder at the Atlantic, Mike Tomasky in the Guardian, and Josh Marshall at TPM.

- HuffPo rounds up reactions from leaders around the world.

- President Obama's initial statement.

- The NY Times has a timeline of his life.

- Boston NPR affiliate WBUR has a great photo essay with their obit.

- Kennedy biographer Peter Canellos looks at Ted and his brothers.

- A dispatch from Ireland.

- Politico excerpts his great speeches.

He will be missed.

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