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Expert Panel on Obama Immigration/Border Enforcement Record

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A timely discussion on the Obama Administration’s immigration and border enforcement record with noted experts Ted Alden, Tamar Jacoby and Marc Rosenblum.

Video: Simon on Obama Administration Border/Imm Enforcement Record

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Simon argues that Obama has made the border safer, the immigration system better and more humane, while simultaneously expanding trade with Mexico.

Simon at World Affairs 2014: The Human Face of Immigration

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In the panel, Simon highlighted that “despite very difficult politics, despite the fact that the cartel violence in Mexico is very real, and is something that we can’t ignore, crime on the US side of the border has plummeted.”

Frank Sharry and Tamar Jacoby on Comprehensive Immigration Reform

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Simon Rosenberg, Frank Sharry, and Tamar Jacoby discuss Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

July 24th, North American Energy Community Event

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In case you missed the event and live webcast, here is the full video coverage of the event.

Inside Story: Obama's choice: Continuity over change? .

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How will the nomination of James Comey as FBI director impact civil liberties and US foreign policy?